Barbie Gone Wild

6 Mar
Apparently Barbie loves Ken<3

Apparently Barbie loves Ken<3

Is Mattel’s Totally Styling Tattoo Barbie out of line??  Or simply just not audience appropriate…

I fully believe in and support most every medium, mode, and/or vehicle of self expression. And for that matter I suppose I have never really stopped to think about the actual implications, of such a personal display of ones self , as a tattoo would  seek to depict.  However, in response to the controversial buzz surrounding the recent release of Mattel’s Totally Styling Tattoo Barbie, apparently the implications of  a tattoo are less appropriate for that of a childhood toy than for an individual’s personal appearance.

I’m aware that this day in age children are growing up far more quickly than ever before, but seriously this is borderline ridiculous. I mean the the doll does come with a “tattoo gun” for sharing  tattoos with friends. In giving little girls imitation tools for permanent body branding we are in fact providing them with subconscious permission to go out and get a tattoo.

I figured the idea behind Firefighter Barbie, Wedding Barbie, or even Ballerina Barbie was to promote early self confidence to stimulate goals and dreams in the developing minds of little ones. So unless Tattoo Barbie comes with a disclaimer detailing the dangers of needle transmitted diseases and the permanence of  such an application, I would suggest this toy be gifted subjectively.

How do you feel about hooker…I mean tattoo… Barbie?

Hmm… CPF


One Response to “Barbie Gone Wild”

  1. KYLIE JOHNSON April 10, 2009 at 1:37 pm #

    haha this is the greatest thing I have ever seen. I really need one of these barbies!

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