So Here’s The Skinny

5 Mar

In reference (or rather in response) to Blog It To Me’s take on Legging Love I actually had quite a lot to say, considering the topic is LEGGINGS! But seriously, leggings have been all the rage for a few seasons now and will continue their path of trendom well into this coming fall. However, this new take on the legging phenomenom is actually quite intriguing.

As I so previously mused I happen to have a real and actual fond liking for Legging JEANS!! Now bear with me, yes I said Legging-Jeans and yes I actually approve. In part because it is some what of a new trend (finally) and also because I have seen first hand the wonder of this product. Celebrity Pink has done a fabulous line (obviously I am slightly brand biased) of belted legging-skinnies in an array of fun-for-fall colors! 

Everything's coming up...leggings?!!

Everything's coming up...leggings?!!

I have to admit I have tried these on and while they are quite literally as tight as spandex tights, they could quite easily pass for leggings under a dress or skirt. And the best part is they have pockets…the one downfall to doning a legging only ensemble is the lack  of pocket space, however with the legging denim concept your problem is solved. Amazing!  Maybe the world really is getting smarter, or perhaps we are just far more easily amused than ever before…

Now go shimmy into some legging skinnies before they’re all sold out! 

XoXo CP Fashionista


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