Wardrobe Obsessions

3 Mar

So, there i was sitting in bed last night watching TV and I found myself paying more attention to what the cast of  the show was wearing rather than the continuation of the plot. In fact, I began to realize I actually had no idea what was going on and for that matter I did’t even really care. What really fascinates me is what each person shows up wearing in every scene; from the accessories, to their hair, everything about their ensemble intrigues me. If not for my relatively short attention span, I actually more fully realize the reasoning behind why I find it so necessary to continually surf the channels.  When a scene is too long I get bored of looking at the same wardrobe so the way I see it, mind as well change the  channel until they change the scene. Could it be that I really have no interest in these seemingly meaningless shows, but instead would much rather watch to see what the characters are wearing??

What's Not to LOVE...?!

What's Not to LOVE...?!

Watch an episode of Gossip Girl, Privileged, 90210, or even this season of the Bachelor and tell me you are not completely obsessed with each and every perfectly orchestrated ensemble. Perhaps it is the seemingly endless debut of fabulously surprising trends, or maybe it is the extensive revolving closest that each of these girls seem to have acquired…no matter what the case may be we have fallen in love with these T.V. star idols for one reason or another and I’m betting it has a great deal to do with the effortless aura they tend to exude.

Confession: We as a society might very well be addicted to the fabricated lives of fictional characters…but no matter, we like it that way…

So go watch some reality T.V. and tell me you don’t scrutinize at least ONE outfit…go ahead!

XoXo CP Fashionista


One Response to “Wardrobe Obsessions”

  1. Christine Wingfield March 3, 2009 at 5:08 pm #

    I scrutinize all outfits – but do not follow trends – Trend LEADING is more fun than trend following.
    Ladies reading this – BE YOUR OWN PERSON – step up and stand out lest you be just another face and hot dress in the crowd.

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