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I Wanna ROCK!

27 Mar


In the fashion world it seems we are never quite in the moment, but rather looking two seasons forward to what will be hot 6 months from now. In that respect, according to the fashion calendar back to school is just around the corner and Celebrity Pink it definitely ready to rock (and roll). Though fashion is continually evolving it is safe to say that no trend is ever locked away forever, with that said, we decided this fall needed a break from the monotony of boring basics. It is time to rock out, we’re talking all out rock n’ roll glitz and glam. From 80s bling to good ol’ fashion rock and roll were bringing back the excitement of an entire era and redefining it Celebrity Pink style.

The inspiration for our first line is very 80s rock. Think super skinny hot pants and lots of legging jeans in dark and bright washes. With an emphasis on silky soft and slim stretch fabrics this look is about wearability and comfortable fit as well as making a loud noise. The rhinestone embellishments accentuate the detailed back pocket stitching of these jeans, while the brass buckled motorcycle jackets make a statement all their own.

Our second group rocks equally as hard but has a more down home Southern rock appeal. For this look it’s all about the construction and hardware of the jeans. Along these lines think heavier denim, more flared silhouettes with wide hems and excessive ripped destruction. Heavily embroidered detailing on the pockets coincide with patchwork pieces, studs, rivets, trims, and button embellishments to complete this rocking look.

This fall Celebrity Pink seeks to bring back the fashion of rock with an emphasis on the unique fabrics and heavily detailed hardware. Just doing what we do best, bringing contemporary fashion straight to you at an oh-so-afforadable junior price point! I know I know, we rock!!!

Come rock out too in your own Celebrity Pink Jeans.

XoXo cpFashionista


What’s In A Name?

25 Mar
I suppose it goes without saying that society as a whole is primarily brand driven when it comes to purchasing decisions. Even more so when the consumer is fashion conscious and/or even remotely aware of seasonal styles and trends. So we have to examine more closely what exactly is in a specific name that makes it more likable, recognizable,  and ultimately buy-able than its competitor. When is it that a company makes the transition from a name to a brand?

My mother has always called me a brand whore and I will say I spent most of my adolescence defiantly denying this accusation. However, I have come to realize that while I wouldn’t say I am solely influenced by brand names I am in almost every instance pre-biased and therefore more likely to by what I know and already love.

I must actually confess that yes, I have bought things…clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry the like…not because I immediately liked the product but because of the LABEL which I most likely discovered after my original perusal. Clothes I could have lived without somehow become much more necessary upon realization that they are in fact a product of my favorite designer. That cute little Juicy“J” gets me everytime, and for some reason I find an excuse to buy yet another variation of the same freakin zip up sweat suit!!

Honestly, how many shades of purple can you make in velour??!

Honestly, how many shades of purple can you make in velour??!

What’s your secret brand obsession?? Tell me what label your credit card just can’t resist…

XoXo cpFashionista

Betsey Johnson Makes Quite the Entrance

23 Mar
Amazing fashion show!

Amazing fashion show!

First of all I have realized that in reference to my original claim… “Confessions of a fashion addict” I should in actuality and all fairness be providing you with some insight into the secrecy of my thoughts. So for this week I will confess that while I did in fact spend the weekend running around Vegas…aside from the excitement and the lights, my favorite thing about this sinful city is the eclectic fashion sense such a scene breeds. I love to people watch, to look, to stare, and to secretly judge each and every ensemble I silently observe. I may not be a fashion critic by profession, but I most definitely have made a hobby out of doing so for my own pleasure.

Runway cuties<3

Runway cuties<3

So there we were walking the Fashion Show mall (for those of you trying to picture exactly which shopping venue this may be, it is the spaceship looking building directly across the street from the Wynn and Palazzo) in fabulous Las Vegas and I suddenly found myself amidst an actual emerging fashion show. What I came only seconds later to realize was that this was no ordinary fashion show…but, the runway entourage of none other than my absolute favorite fashion crazed designer…Betsey Johnson!!! 

Now what I mean when I say “emerging” is that where once was merely a roped off segment of the marble concourse, quickly became an actual raised catwalk complete with an entire backstage area and models. The set quite literally came from below the floor much to the amusement of hundreds of surprised mall shoppers. Not only was the set fantastic, reminiscent of a somewhat 80’s/90’s retro prom, but the dresses were so absolutely Betsey I found myself captivated and much too excited over tulle and sequins.

Pop-up stage...crazy!

Pop-up stage...crazy

Music and light show to match!

Music and light show to match!



So Blog About It!

19 Mar

It has come to my attention that anything worth ranting about is usually done so most prominently in blog form. So if you have an opinion…about pretty much anything…blog about it!

I LOVE my boyfriends

17 Mar

Everyone has them. Those who don’t, want at least one. Those who do still want more. 

No, I’m not talking about the long list of on-call boyfriends some girls like to possess. What I’m  referring to is actually this season’s hottest must have fashion staple, the boyfriend (jeans) of course!

What started as a casual celebrity look, thank you Katie Holmes, has developed into a globally crazed trend spanning from local U.S. retailers to the runways in Tokyo, Paris, and even Milan. Who knew such a comfy laid back look, practically borrowed from the female counterpart (hence the “boyfriend” reference) would find its way into high fashion and beyond??!

From the looks of those jeans...her bf must be pretty hot!!

From the look of those jeans...her boyfriend must be pretty hot!!

With that said,  I might go find myself some new boyfriends for tomorrow…I’m thinking I’ll  start in Paris ❤ 

XoXo CpFashionista

Retail YardSale

16 Mar

Charlotte Russe waves good bye!

Charlotte Russe waves good bye!

In the retail family world Charlotte Russe could be compared to the neglected middle child. She’s not the oldest or the most successful and yet she isn’t new and exciting either, she just is. And in that respect her time as a competing sibling is sadly coming to a close.  Only instead of attempting to sell the unwanted sister, Charlotte Russe has in fact put themselves up for sale “after reviewing its strategic alternatives” according to WWD Business, they decided it was time. 

Charlotte Russe had originally decided to attempt a comeback with a strategized turnaround plan. However, after receiving much grief from shareholders the retailer was forced to reconsider its decision and ultimately SELL SELL SELL was the only option remaining.



I wonder what the going rate for a failing teen retailer is these days…




Shallow Obsessions

12 Mar

I would just like to say that I found the most entertaining website today and I  had to share. Well actually in all honesty I didn’t “find” the site, someone showed it to me. However that is neither here nor there, what I am really excited about is the phenomenon of It is quite literally  an anything-you-want shopping site, only instead of picking clothes you’re choosing models.

I realize this may sound slightly strange, but I literally spent hours (shhh!) pouring through the conveniently categorized rankings of the Top 20 Sexiest Models and who the next itgirls are most definitely going to be. Most (vainly) entertaining nonetheless was who currently makes the Most Money in modeling. Not surprisingly 4 out of the 5 top earning hotties were Victoria’s Secret models, which I will admit  also made me smile. So what?  I’m addicted to buying underwear and looking at pretty people…

Exhibit A...

Exhibit A...

And now that I have  officially written what can only be cataloged as one of the shallowest accounts of my obsessions I feel the need to go read to children or volunteer doing something worthwhile. While I’m helping the community…go check out…and don’t worry, I’ll put in a couple hours for you too.

Xo CpFashionista

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