In the Words of Paris Hilton…

26 Feb

“Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

I must say I actually quite agree ! I never thought I would say this, but Paris Hilton hit it on the mark …as quoted in the Feb. 9th issue of Life & Style. Which sort of makes you second guess your usual Saturday morning run-through-the-supermarket look doesn’t it? I mean the 3 year old Victoria’s Secret sweatpants with a mismatched tee from your boyfriend’s floor is a good look if you’re…well, actually that is never really a good look for anyone.

So whether you’re meeting a friend for Sunday brunch or making a late night candy run through Seven Eleven, throw on that hot little sun dress you “save” for special occasions. Today is a special occasion…it’s the only today you’re gonna get. Stop saving your favorites for someday and wear them any day…everyday…the point is just wear them!

With that said, I might just rock the fabulously pink wrap dress I’ve  kept hiding in my closet…to my mani pedi tonight!!

What will you wear??

XoXo cpFashionista


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