Trade Show Mayhem

25 Feb
CP's signature COLORED HOT!

CP's signature COLORED HOT!

It would seem that while the economy is rapidly screeching to a virtual stand still, with layoffs and down sizing rampant, this past week Las Vegas, Nevada was still buzzing with retail excitement and trade show happenings.  From February 15th through Friday, February 20th nearly every hotel on the strip found themselves home to one or more of the year’s largest trade shows. Celebrity Pink showcased their summer line in the wildly anticipated MAGIC apparel show.  Too large to take place in any one hotel this trade show giant took over the LV Convention Center for the better part of 10 busy days. Vendor attendance may have been substantially down from previous years  but foot traffic and boutique business in general was still moving along at a reasonable rate. And Celebrity Pink…well we continued doing what we do best…selling DENIM!

magic-vegas-feb09-192how CUTE is our booth??? seriously!


As cute as our booth was and as much fun as a tradeshow can possibly be…i will confess that after an ENTIRE week in the fabulous Las Vegas…it was good to breath some California air again!

Until my next jet setting adventure…I’m going to get some sleep 🙂


XoXo   CpFashionista


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