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In the Words of Paris Hilton…

26 Feb

“Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

I must say I actually quite agree ! I never thought I would say this, but Paris Hilton hit it on the mark …as quoted in the Feb. 9th issue of Life & Style. Which sort of makes you second guess your usual Saturday morning run-through-the-supermarket look doesn’t it? I mean the 3 year old Victoria’s Secret sweatpants with a mismatched tee from your boyfriend’s floor is a good look if you’re…well, actually that is never really a good look for anyone.

So whether you’re meeting a friend for Sunday brunch or making a late night candy run through Seven Eleven, throw on that hot little sun dress you “save” for special occasions. Today is a special occasion…it’s the only today you’re gonna get. Stop saving your favorites for someday and wear them any day…everyday…the point is just wear them!

With that said, I might just rock the fabulously pink wrap dress I’ve  kept hiding in my closet…to my mani pedi tonight!!

What will you wear??

XoXo cpFashionista


Trade Show Mayhem

25 Feb
CP's signature COLORED HOT!

CP's signature COLORED HOT!

It would seem that while the economy is rapidly screeching to a virtual stand still, with layoffs and down sizing rampant, this past week Las Vegas, Nevada was still buzzing with retail excitement and trade show happenings.  From February 15th through Friday, February 20th nearly every hotel on the strip found themselves home to one or more of the year’s largest trade shows. Celebrity Pink showcased their summer line in the wildly anticipated MAGIC apparel show.  Too large to take place in any one hotel this trade show giant took over the LV Convention Center for the better part of 10 busy days. Vendor attendance may have been substantially down from previous years  but foot traffic and boutique business in general was still moving along at a reasonable rate. And Celebrity Pink…well we continued doing what we do best…selling DENIM!

magic-vegas-feb09-192how CUTE is our booth??? seriously!


As cute as our booth was and as much fun as a tradeshow can possibly be…i will confess that after an ENTIRE week in the fabulous Las Vegas…it was good to breath some California air again!

Until my next jet setting adventure…I’m going to get some sleep 🙂


XoXo   CpFashionista

Retail Sales Increase of Not Much Encouragement

13 Feb

In this current state of severe recession it would seem that quite literally NO ONE would be out shopping in a mall buying clothing and such items, which some might consider superfluous in nature. Much to my surprise however, archived there in the economy section of The New York Times was a ray of hope…the title read Retail Sales Up 1 Percent in January. I was elated!!! So this isn’t the end of retail shopping as a hobby, what a relief.  In fact, according to Jack Healy, after six strenuous months of continually declining sales, January finally offered a whole 1% increase at retail. Compared to the double digit declines in such respected retailers as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and even Saks, this  increase is still a feeble reconcile with growing uncertainty surrounding the economy in coming months. Even rock solid Wal Mart is looking at substantial percentage decreases, which brings me to the conclusion that not only are people shopping smarter they are simply not shopping period.  

In times of depression I find that retail therapy is perhaps the best antidote, however given the state of the economy this hardly seems a fitting cure, even for a fashionista. This can only mean one thing…it is indeed time to get creative with our wardrobes!

Any ideas??? Share em with me…

Keep your heads up my fellow fashion addicts!

XoXo cpFashionista

Win This!!

9 Feb

CPJ_Sweepstakes feb-mar09

Celebrity Pink wants you to win this now!!! You too can take your own vacation in these perfectly pink travel bound skinnies…so what are you waiting for?? Enter today

XoXo CP Fashionista

Back in Action

6 Feb


I would first like to apologize for my brief hiatus…no excuses, it will not happen again. Now for the exciting news, I can hardly wait to let you know whats up! Celebrity Pink is working with Seventeen Magazine to bring you FREE stuff!!! So check it out and enter to win this super cute CP Canvas Tote…just in time for Spring Break.

Why: Because we love our customers

When: Right now…Feb.3-March3!!!

How: Seventeen Magazine online

XoXo CP Fashionista


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