Department Store Powerhouse Begins Its Descent

10 Jan

Macy’s has long been one of the most renowned, if not the most famous, department store across the entire United States. The trademark red Macy’s star was born in 1850 and has continued making milestone history ever since. In 2006 they boasted well over 800 locations, seeming undeniably legendary at the least. They have their own parade for goodness sakes!! Where would we be without the anticipated Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?? Or without the retail influence of Macy’s at all?

It is hard to imagine how dramatically different the shopping experience as we fashion lovers know it today could have been. Mr. Macy himself might possibly be to blame for the development of shopping addictions nationwide. So after nearly 160 years of continually thriving success, it comes as an especially sad day when on Thursday, January 9th Macy’s announced it will be closing the doors of ELEVEN locations across the country spanning from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach. If Macy’s is stumbling through this recession, I can’t say there’s much hope for the rest of the retail world either.

However, I must confess as much as I respect Macy’s as an American institution I have never actually been a dedicated customer. In fact, I must say the thought of willingly walking into a Macy’s to buy something brings about flashbacks of terrible customer service and downright dirty dressingrooms. Let me know what you think…

Until next time, keep shopping…

xoxo CP Fashionista


One Response to “Department Store Powerhouse Begins Its Descent”

  1. Mattie January 11, 2009 at 2:30 am #

    Read of my experience at Macy’s today. Getting their sales percentages back at the time of the Christmas gift returns, in Minneapolis. So in the end, there was no 25% off.

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