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Exprese sus Colores

21 Jan

Today I had the delight of meeting with the lovely Allison Lambert from Siempre Mujer magazine with Meredith Publications. We discussed the opportunity for audience expansion for Celebrity Pink Jeans into the Hispanic and Latina marketplace. As the largest and fasted growing population in the United States it is expected that by 2050 1 in every 3 people will be Hispanic. Siempre Mujer offers a cultural merging of American ways of life with a Hispanic flare. With this rapid skew in the population, what better way to acculturate than to appeal to all cultures and all ethnicities.

Why not express yourself in Celebrity Pink Jeans…?!?   🙂

XoXo CP Fashionista



Inauguration Sunshine

20 Jan

Isabel Toledo’s disposition is as ecstatic as the dress she designed for Michelle Obama is yellow, and she is extremely ecstatic! While it was not officially known who the lucky designer to dress the soon-to-be first lady would be until her appearance this morning, Toledo and staff were pleasantly surprised to realize that the lemongrass-yellow coat and dress were in fact their own conception. I will confess that I fully support Mrs. Obama’s decision. Yellow is such a promising color and conjures feelings of ease and contentment which I definitely believe carry a strong positive message.

In a phone interview Toledo stated, “I wanted to pick a very optimistic color, that had sunshine, I wanted her to feel charmed, and in that way would charm everybody.” Mission accomplished! Well done!

 Ruth Fremson/The New York Times)The Obama's attending a private church service this morning (Photo By KEVIN LAMARQUE/Reuters /Landov)

 Now what, or who should I say, will she wear tonight??? Tell me what you think…

XoXo CP Fashionista

Leading Lady to Steal the Spotlight

19 Jan

As I scrolled through the pages and pages (and pages and pages) of custom sketched designs by the likes of Carolina Herrera, Badgley Mischka, and Karl Lagerfeld, just to name a few, specifically mused for the leading lady’s presence at tomorrow’s inauguration I realized for the first time the substantial role political figures play in influencing fashion.  While many are anxiously waiting for our new President to take on the world, a select few may be more or less anticipating what Mrs. Obama will be wearing to this monumental event.  

From Jackie Kennedy’s flawless style to Michelle Obama’s promising fashion sense it really should come as no surprise that the inaugural gown of each First Lady  is actually collected and showcased by none other than the Smithsonian Museum. This does a great deal to explain the dozens of sketches, from a plethora of designers, overwhelming the future leading lady’s selection of inaugural masterpieces. Below find just a few of my favorites…beginning with the hopelessly patriotic to a little more sophisticated… for the full collection please visit WWD Online  tell me which are your favs…

 ball-lacroix1One of my personal Betsey of course!ball-dvf1ball-mk

  I mean if Michelle Obama is going to help change an entire country, she mind as well look good doing it, right?

Happy Inauguration!!

XoXo CP Fashionista



Is This Really So Bad??

13 Jan
Yes I suppose, considering Mrs. Klum’s usual elegance and perfection, this dress may be slightly out of line. However, I must confess I myself wore a nearly identical version of this entertaining frock to my high school homecoming sophomore year…in 2001!
Heidi Klum with hubby, Seal, at the Golden Globes, 2009.

Heidi Klum with hubby, Seal, at the Golden Globes, 2009.

While this dress has already accumulated much criticism in the past 24 hours since its debut I can’t help but ask…WHAT WAS  SHE thinking?? and what do you think…yes? no?  what do you think she was thinking?

Love to hear your input!!

xoxo CP Fashionista

Department Store Powerhouse Begins Its Descent

10 Jan

Macy’s has long been one of the most renowned, if not the most famous, department store across the entire United States. The trademark red Macy’s star was born in 1850 and has continued making milestone history ever since. In 2006 they boasted well over 800 locations, seeming undeniably legendary at the least. They have their own parade for goodness sakes!! Where would we be without the anticipated Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?? Or without the retail influence of Macy’s at all?

It is hard to imagine how dramatically different the shopping experience as we fashion lovers know it today could have been. Mr. Macy himself might possibly be to blame for the development of shopping addictions nationwide. So after nearly 160 years of continually thriving success, it comes as an especially sad day when on Thursday, January 9th Macy’s announced it will be closing the doors of ELEVEN locations across the country spanning from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach. If Macy’s is stumbling through this recession, I can’t say there’s much hope for the rest of the retail world either.

However, I must confess as much as I respect Macy’s as an American institution I have never actually been a dedicated customer. In fact, I must say the thought of willingly walking into a Macy’s to buy something brings about flashbacks of terrible customer service and downright dirty dressingrooms. Let me know what you think…

Until next time, keep shopping…

xoxo CP Fashionista

Two Thousand Nine and Ready to Shine

5 Jan

A new year, in a sense, is a chance for new beginnings. So I figure I should start by being totally and completely honest. As much as it pains me to confess  I will admit that even after months of holiday shopping mayhem, before those credit card bills had even had a chance to start finding their way into my mailbox, I did the unthinkable…I went shopping! First thing Monday, January 5th at 7 A.M. on my way to work I found myself fully embarked on an all out Victoria’s Secret Sale shopping extravaganza.  As I emerged from the frenzy of pink lace and padded push-ups, shopping bags in hand, and my wallet somewhat lighter I felt what can only be described as post-shopping guilt!

But enough about me…lets talk about you! Now I know some more reserved stylistas may feel it is most appropriate to slowly transition from one year to the next, making minimal changes to their wardrobes at all costs, trying to preserve their stagnant style for another couple of months or at least until summer rolls around. In all fairness this fashion-shy female may update a single sweater here or some accessories there, but for the most part this persistent hesitation is preventing her from grabbing the opportunity of a new year to shake things up a bit. I, on the other hand, strongly believe a New Year means a new you.

It’s a socially accepted time to completely, and without passed judgment or inquisition, change whatever components of yourself you may have been thinking you are not absolutely ecstatic about. It is time to dive head first into the fabulous world of fashion, to throw on a pair of hot pink skinny jeans and to live exuberantly. Your passion for life should be seen in your style.  Live out loud and walk proud.  It’s two thousand nine and most definitely your time to shine!!!

So get out there and show em what you’ve got…

xoxo CP Fashionista


Hello world!

2 Jan

At the realization that wordpress had so presumptuously taken the initiative to make the very first post on  MY blog my initial reaction was to immediately change the message and make it my own. However, as I pondered a solid introduction to the beginning of my blogging adventure I realized that perhaps the man behind the computer was right. Simple is better.  And all at once the saga begins with two perfect words…hello world!

So here I am! Fashion forward and ready to let you in on some very well kept secrets. No, I am not promising to help you lose 10 pounds in two weeks and I do not know the cure for cancer. I will however divulge to you every last thought I have in my head concerning my utmost passion and obsession. You see…I am actually a junkie…a fashion fiend of sorts… and this is just the beginning of the chronicles and confessions of a true life fashion addict.

See you at confessional…

xoxo CP Fashionista

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